Thank you for your interest!

I am currently only offering digital comissions

(If you are in Germany and are interested in a pencil or inkdrawing
you can send me a message)

- Portrait Sketch: 40€
- Painted Greyscale: 100€
- Painted Color: 150€
- Flatstyle Color: 85€
- Painted Color: 200€
- Flatstyle Color: 150€
- Painted Color + Background: 300-350€
- Charactersheet or Design: 300-350€
1// You tell me what you want me to draw. I work with descriptions as well!
But please keep it short.

2// You would first recieve a sketch thats also where changes and corrections belong.  
(More than 2 heavy revisions will cost extra by the hourly rate)
3// Once you confirm it, I will start finishing it.
At this point I will also send you the payment information. I accept Paypal or Banktransfer
(I am in Germany)
4// Once I am finished and the money arrived I will send it to you.
5// In the End you will get the highrez version (for printing) and one for the web.
These prices are for private use of the image.
You gain the rights for non-commercial use, while allowing me
to post the image on social media and my website to show my work.
You are allowed to print yourself a copy or have it printed on something
(phonecase, cup whatever), use it as avatar, crop it for wallpapers, backgrounds,
send around to your friends ect. You can post it on your social media with credit to me.
I would appreciate if you leave my signature in for online use so others can find who the artist was. ^__^
You are not allowed to use it commercially in any way.
You are not allowed to earn money with the image.
That means for example selling it in any way wether physical or digital product or part there of, using it for marketing purposes to promote your project, business or product, nor may it be used as part of a bigger project/product. Otherwise extra license fees will be added as that would be a commercial illustration job.
By commissioning me you agree to these rules.
If you need some of these rights, please talk to me upfront and I am sure we can find a solution. :)

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